A Brief Study About the Woven interlinings

Woven interlinings are being used from the past approximately 100 years ago. These are used for strengthening or supporting coats, cloaks, or hats. These are pure cotton fabrics that are made hard and stiff with the application of starch on them. The thread density for the woven interlinings may vary as per the requirement of the fabric.

We, Talco Premium Products are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of woven interlinings in India. We provide top-quality facilities. The woven lining provided by us is resistant to water and made up of premium quality fabric. The woven interlining has one side with the print and another side is coated with glue.

A woven interlining can be used for various purposes like:

  • Fusing the small parts like collars and cuffs on the shirts and blouses.
  • These woven linings are suitable for light to medium weight fabrics.
  • Versatile linings.
  • These woven interlinings are washable in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celcius.
  • The product retains its shape after the wash.

 The important instructions while using the woven interlinings are:

  • The interfacing is always cut in a lengthwise direction and thus, follows the grain of the fabric.
  • Put up the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric and cover this with a damp cloth before ironing. Make the iron settings to the cotton.
  • After ironing, allow the fabric pieces to cool flat for about a period of 30 minutes so that the adhesive can set properly.

Classification of fusion interlining is done into various types

  • Polyester coated interlining: Chemical polyester is used as a resin coating. It is the most appropriate and ideal interlining and is suitable for all types of garments but is expensive.
  • Polyamide coating interlining: Polyamide is used for resin coating. This type of interlining is used for dry-cleaned clothes.
  • Polypropylene coated interlining: In this process, fusing is done at high temperatures and the fabric is water washable.

What you can do with the product?

With the help of the woven interlining, you can easily create your basic material in the usual design. You can easily make a handbag or cushion using the woven interlining. The major advantage of the woven interlining is that it provides more stability and strength to the clothes. Thus, these are used at the places which are used at places requiring more stability like the waistband.

Woven is primarily the plain weaves and in some cases, it could be crepe herringbone or twill weaves. For those cases, the yarns that are used are poly yarns which provide a voluminous body. This increases the flexibility of the fabric and makes it lightweight. We provide interwoven linings as per the customer’s requirements. These are available in running lengths and various sizes, customer can even customize the woven interlinings as per their requirements. For more details on these products, visit our website talcofuse.org.