Interlinings Cloth

Interlinings Cloth

Prominent manufacturers of interlining cloth

Talreja Textiles Pvt Ltd is an established textile mill based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is currently one of the leading producers of Interlinings clothDyed Interlinings, and Cotton Fusible Interlining. At M. Lachhmandas & Co. each product is manufactured following the needs and preferences of valued clients. They never compromise quality over price as they lay special emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction.

Talreja Textiles Pvt Ltd takes pride in being one of the leading service providers of Interlinings cloth and linings in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has been recently listed among the top ten verified companies that deliver a diverse range of top quality material interlining fabric, nonwoven interlining fabric, and polyester-coated fusible interlinings.

The interlining cloth is a crucial aspect in the field of apparel manufacturing. It is one of the key accessories that are placed within dual layers of fabric in a garment. They appear to be rich, pliable, and soft as most of them are designed out of cotton, wool, polyester, and cotton. Interlining cloths offer optimal support, strength, and firmness, and help in retaining the shape of external shell fabrics.

Some of the major differences between interlining and lining are as follows:

  • Linings are a fine layer of textile that is often used to seal the raw edge of a garment thereby offering better support for the external shell.
  • Linings can be easily woven or knit for a particular application. For instance, most of you might have come across white lining fabrics placed below the shell fabric in a girl’s frock. On the contrary, interlining cloths are utilized in between dual outer layers of fabric.

The purpose of using interlinings in garments is as follows:

  • Interlinings offer maximum support, strength, and stability, and help in retaining the shape of a garment.
  • It would automatically stabilize the external shell as soon as interlinings are fused to it.
  • They are very useful in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a fabric.
  • Interlinings help in maximizing the durability of those parts that are fused.

Interlinings are broadly classified into three namely.

  • Woven interlining
  • Knits interlining
  • Non woven interlining

Woven interlining has been a popular method for the past one hundred years. They are useful in providing maximum strength and support to hats, gowns, coats, and cloaks. The application process of a standard cotton sheeting fabric involves adhesive that is secured against shell fabric via heat and pressure technique. A major highlight concerning Woven interlining cloths is that they possess remarkable stability and strength.

Knitted interlinings bear a huge volume of variations in the loop structures that are meant to deliver flexibility and stretch the body of fabrics.


Talreja Textiles Pvt Ltd is a recognized sewing mill located in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was incorporated to serve the professionals of various garment industries located in the city of Mumbai. They ensure that only top-quality products are delivered to the clients.