Garment Interlining Manufacturer in India

Interlining is something that is used between two layers of ply to attain proper shape and more body. There are different materials from which the thin layer of fusible interlining is made and that gives names to creations like woven fusible interlining knitted fusible interlining, etc. When the right materials are fused with the fabric panel, you can achieve durability, reinforcement, etc.

Different Interlining Types:

  • Woven fusible interlinings: They are the common ones made from lightweight fabrics and they can be seen in jackets, outwear plackets, etc.
  • Non-woven interlinings: These are made from 100% polyamide products and they also cover ultra-fine coating. The non-woven interlinings are chemically bonded and applied as per applications. They can be found in the weight range of 10-100 gms.
  • Knitted Interlinings: These are used majorly in knit garments, and can be found in stretchable fused areas also. Circular knit
    fusible interlinings are known to include recovery and stretch properties. These are the best choices for efficient production.
  • Water Repellent Interlines: These are non-woven, thermally bonded made especially for rainwear piece goods. The circular knits can quickly go through commercial wash processes, including bleach, enzyme, garment, etc.
  • Hair Interlines: These are mainly women’s canvas made from horse hair, being used in men’s items like jackets, blazers, suits, etc. The formal industry in short!
  • Embroidered backings: These are generated from non-fusible interning materials that have easy-to-tear properties. The good news is that even for washed garments; these interlinked can be found, and can be used in normal or hot water.


The Garment Interlining industry can get a little complex and confusing if you don’t know the basic things also. Both as a consumer and worker, you should be well aware of the processes taking place and instead not just sit idly by following things blindly.

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If you feel you know more about the garment interlining industry then comment below. It’s always good to share knowledge with others and trust us if someone feels that you have what it takes to be a part of the industry, then they may directly reach out to you seeing your knowledge and capacity. Also, if you found the article helpful in any manner, then go ahead and share it with your friends because as someone has said “Sharing is Caring”.

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